Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eating In

I just read that Americans on average eat out five days a week!  Can you believe that? I read while flipping through my September 2009 Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  I'm sure that satistic is still true today.  We rarely eat out, I actualy don't like eating out that much.  We love cooking our own food! ...So on to the food. 

Breakfast:  Look familar? peanut butter toast with banana on top - black coffee- water

Snack: Kashi pumpkin flax bar

Lunch: leftover chili - whole wheat crackers-greek yogurt & green grapes - water

Snack: apple

Dinner: Yummy veggie bake! Onions, Leek, Potatoes, Butternut Squash, & Tomatoes out our of garden!-Water - Appetizer of baked pita & hummus. 

Snack: Piece of cheese-water

So what do you think about Americans eating out that much?  Do you prefer to eat out or cook at home?

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Rachel (tea and chocolate) said...

I do think Americans eat out too much. I suppose it's out of convenience, but that would get so expensive! When I'm at home my family and I eat out once week on Fridays, but at school, I don't eat out at all. Instead I'm like you and love to cook.
Your breakfast looks fantastic! I love mashed banana on toast.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

We used to eat out a lot... not 5 times a week but a lot! Now we cook almost everything at home. The change came when we decided to eat as organic and locally grown as possible. And decided to only eat humanely treated meat. Not a lot of those choices for eating out- but our food has been so much better I don't miss it at all.

Sara @my less seriou life said...

i see peanut butter and banana toast all the time on blogs, but for some reason yours is really making me crave just that! yum!

Rachael @ Fresh Squeezed Home said...

Meg - I agree we use to eat out much more often until we changed how we eat!

Rachel & Sara 0 Isn't peanut butter and banana the best I eat it at least 5 times a week! delish and healthy!! yay!

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