Monday, October 31, 2011

Color DRA-MAAA...the saga continues

O color, color, color how I love you ....but how you drive me insane and keep me up late at night.  You my dear friend are the very reason why I have a stack of paint chips 5 inches high sitting on my desk and  a folder full of pictures decided especially to you. 

Still having issues with that dresser turned side board, you ask? Yes, o yes this color drama is directly related to the recent post on my Dresser Color Dilemma

For those of you that gave your opinion thanks a bunch!

The totals stand at:
 Yellow = 11
Turquoise = 3
Green = 0

and a couple just couldn't decide (I am so with you!)

All week I had yellow paint chips on the dresser and I was smitten. 


So today I went off to Lowe's ready to get my paint.  I had a page torn out of Better Homes and Gardens with a yellow with a hint of orange ( I did not want it to look like a nursery in my dining room).
Since the paint chip that was suppose to match this magazine totally DID NOT!

It was like this  

this color doesn't look quite so orange in person



I had to get it color matched.  Love the wonderful Lowe's guy he worked hard to get it right...but I came home with something that ended up looking a lot like

has a bit more yellow in it in person

Truly I think he got the paint match pretty close and I just did not notice how much orange was really in it.

So here I sit annoyed with my Color DRA-MAAA (name that show) staring at the 20 new paint chips I picked up at Lowe's.  Contemplating my dresser color yet again....

By the end of next weekend I.will.have.that.dresser.painted.darnit.  It may look a little like this ....


Or maybe not ;)....maybe it will be this fabulous new color that is staring lovingly up at me from the paints chips spread out on the floor begging to used!

Stay tuned for the final chapter in The Color Saga...

Do you have a paint match horror story? Or just a paint in general horror story? Do you have as many paint chips as I do?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dresser Color Dilemma

O my gosh unfortunately it's been a bit since I posted last.  Life is getting a little crazy with my last month and a half of grad school and my national exam coming up ..yikes!    Anywho on to the dilemma...

We recently moved a side-of-the-road picked dresser to our dining room to be used as our buffet table.

And now I'm contemplating what color to paint it (the hardware will be changed too). It has to be a fabulous color, there is already way to much neutral in my house!

So of course I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

Here is what I'm thinking.




I lurve the yellow! The yellow in the first picture in my favorite! It's so happy and sunshiney ...word? I say yes lol.  It's grey around here so often I feel like the yellow dresser would be my sunshine. 




I love the "shabby" look of the first picture!

I had to add this, green is one of my most favorite colors.  I love how organic it is.  However, my curtains in the living room and dining room are lime green so I thought a green buffet table might be too much green.



Ok so I need your opinions! What do you think? what's your favorite?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Snuggle Time!

Life has been pretty busy the past couple weeks and it is easy to forget we are trying to simplify our lives.  It is important to take a minute and enjoy the really good things...

Snuggling up with Bowsy on a cold Fall Day. 

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Linen Closet Organization

How do newlyweds who have only lived in their house for a year have so much crap?!  LOL  On top of that some of our rooms are not serving there purpose anymore so it's time to change!

Let the reorganization begin. 
What was our guest room is becoming my sewing/craft room (until it someday becomes the nursery 8) )  and what originally was our office room is now becoming our guest room/dressing room and linen closet.  Since we do not have a linen closet the closet in (what will be our) dressing/guest room became our linen closet.


I don't have a great before picture (wish I did, it was bad).  The linen closet (now) was piled high with craft things and all the linens were stuffed in another tinsy winsy closet.  I was so excited to get started the first picture I snapped was after everything was cleaned out.



Then the hubs added some awesome wire shelves from Lowe's and I organized everything and put it in place.

On the lowest shelf I put my extra contacts, extra toiletries, medicine, and toilet paper. 
The next shelf I placed towels (there is only one there because they are all in laundry 8) ) & washcloths, more toiletries, and our sheets (inside there pillow cases to keep them together). 
 On the top shelf I put our air mattress, sleeping bag, and sheets for the guest bed. 
(We are in the process of switching to all white towels and organic sheets).
I was able to fit a small ladder and the vacuum in the closet.  I also placed a laundry basket there for dirty towels and linens.  

Now that it's organized I need to make it pretty!  I plan to get baskets to organize the toilet paper and other toiletries.  I also plan to paint the inside of the closet a bright fun color like a nice sea glass blue (no VOC paint of course). 

Creamy Cucumber Olympic

The Container Store

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simple Supper, Busy Life

A simple supper for our unfortunately busy life and What I Ate Wednesday!

Who watched the Today show this morning?  I caught part of it while getting ready for class.  I was so excited to see the Michelle Obama Let's Move Program.  Currently they are trying to set the Guinness World Record for the most jumping jacks in a 24 hour period.  As someone with a background in Healthy and Physical Education this gets me so excited, it is so important to get kids up and moving! 

Anywho, they took a moment to interview Ms. Obama and asked her how her family manages living and eating healthy with their busy lives.  She stated "we just make it a priority"  how great is that!  Everyone has busy lives but I believe it is soooo important to make eating healthy a priority and I'm so glad to see the First Lady does too. 

The hubs and I were feeling super busy, super tired, and running low on groceries so we were in need of a simple, fast supper... but before that here's what else I ate today.

Breakfast:  Peanut Butter toast + banana+ black coffee + water

Lunch: Leftover Chickpea & Leak Soup + homemade bread with cheese + water

Alright our simple supper is nothing too exciting but it's fast, it's healthy, it's easy, and it's not takeout (which is so easy to turn to when your busy and tired).

Dinner: Pasta+semi-homemade sauce + Peas + Water

Whole Wheat Spaghetti
4 cloves garlic minced
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil

Cook the pasta.  Saute the garlic in some EVOO add the diced tomatoes and spices let simmer until the pasta is ready and your good to eat!  We cooked up some frozen peas on the side. 

Side note:  I really like the taste of diced tomatoes vs. pasta sauce.  If you prefer sauce you can find cans of "tomato sauce"  that are just tomatoes with no salt added. 

What are your great dinner ideas when your super busy? 

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things I Heart about Fall

Today was the most beautiful fall day. The sky was bright blue without a cloud in it. The leaves were shades of greens, oranges, reds, and yellows.  All of this reflecting off the clam lake was like a picture out of a magazine!  And the smell of the fallen leaves..heavenly. 

A day like today makes me think about everything I am loving about fall this year!

ShannonPix - Etsy 

Baking Bread

Loose Leaf Chai Coconut Tea - Find it Here

Jumping in a pile of leaves


Curling up on the couch with a pretty blanket

VintageDutchGirl - Esty
Scarfs! -  Isn't this scarf amazing! I heart it!

Preparing Fresh Vegetables for the Winter...for the first time!



Shopping for things I can repurpose!

What are you loving about fall? 

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Veggie Hash

 What's better than breakfast for dinner?! 
A new breakfast place opened around here this week and it made me seriously crave breakfast food.  Unfortunately there is no where nearby I can get fabulous vegetarian breakfast food (I don't eat eggs).  So veggie hash was a must for our meal plan this week, but before we get to the recipe here is a little What I Ate Wednesday for you...

Breakfast:  (I have class at 9:30 ...I woke up at 9:30 ...whoops probably should spend less time blogging and more time sleeping)  LARA bar + Banana + Water + Black Coffee

Lunch: Left over pumpkin risotto + carrot + banana and milk + water

Dinner: Water + Veggie Hash

Recipe for Veggie Hash

Olive Oil
Soy Sauce ( I use Bragg)
1 package vegetable tempeh
1 green pepper chopped
5 scallions chopped
white mushrooms chopped
5 red potatoes grated

First crumble up the tempeh and cook it with a little EVOO and Bragg.  Then,  I cook the potatoes by sauteing them in olive oil.  (I wish I would have cooked the potatoes a little differently there were to many in the pot so they did not crisp up well).  Set both aside and cook the green peppers, scallions, and mushrooms.  Once the veggies are cooked add the tempeh and potatoes back to the pot.  Season simply with salt, pepper, and cumin.   

Top with cheese (of course).  Although the potatoes were not as crispy as I would have liked it was still yummy and so simple to make!

What is your favorite breakfast for dinner meal?  Anyone else a veggie hash lover?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Garage PINspiration

Picture this your garage has no dry wall, sheet rock on only one wall, and no paint.  It is a dark, dismal place that contains so much stuff you can't find anything.  That was my garage...seriously depressing.  I couldn't take it anymore!  We decided to clean out the garage and reorganize which turned into "let's paint the garage honey!" 

Flash forward two months, the sheet rock and cinder block are painted white.  We just started organizing and soon we will cover the naked walls with white peg board.  It will be far from perfect but much, much, better and much more functional.  I can't wait to show you. 
But until then some Pinterest to inspire.   

Door Area:
Near the door we need shoe and boot storage.  Maybe some extra shelves too.


Love the numbers stenciled on the garage door and the convenient storage right by the door.  

Again, I love the convenient by the door storage.  And storing those reusable grocery bags there so they are not forgotten. 


The designated recycling area is awesome.  I think ours will be directly across from the door on the other side of the garage. 

Sports Area:

We need an area for all our sports and recreation equipment.  I have designated the wall closest to the house for this purpose. 


I like the locker type storage that keeps all that equipment nice and organized.

Neat and Organized.  Orginally we were going to hang the bikes from the ceiling but I like this option better.  It would be easier for me to take my bike out. 

Tool and Garden Area:

The rest of the garage is dedicated to our tools and garden items.  The wall opposite to the door will store brooms, shovels, hedge trimmers, ladder etc. on pegboard.  It will most likely also be the parking spot for the lawn mower.  The back wall of the garage has started to take shape as our "workshop" and "potting" area.  I am so excited to have a designated area to work!!


I like how they stored the twin and garden tools.

Defnitely doing this! Tracing around all the hanging items so you know exactly what goes where.

And some pretty touches...

I think I will paint the door green


And buy some hardware to spruce up the door! 

Is your garage a pretty place or a dark mess like mine?  What's your best organizing tip for the garage?

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