Monday, October 17, 2011

Linen Closet Organization

How do newlyweds who have only lived in their house for a year have so much crap?!  LOL  On top of that some of our rooms are not serving there purpose anymore so it's time to change!

Let the reorganization begin. 
What was our guest room is becoming my sewing/craft room (until it someday becomes the nursery 8) )  and what originally was our office room is now becoming our guest room/dressing room and linen closet.  Since we do not have a linen closet the closet in (what will be our) dressing/guest room became our linen closet.


I don't have a great before picture (wish I did, it was bad).  The linen closet (now) was piled high with craft things and all the linens were stuffed in another tinsy winsy closet.  I was so excited to get started the first picture I snapped was after everything was cleaned out.



Then the hubs added some awesome wire shelves from Lowe's and I organized everything and put it in place.

On the lowest shelf I put my extra contacts, extra toiletries, medicine, and toilet paper. 
The next shelf I placed towels (there is only one there because they are all in laundry 8) ) & washcloths, more toiletries, and our sheets (inside there pillow cases to keep them together). 
 On the top shelf I put our air mattress, sleeping bag, and sheets for the guest bed. 
(We are in the process of switching to all white towels and organic sheets).
I was able to fit a small ladder and the vacuum in the closet.  I also placed a laundry basket there for dirty towels and linens.  

Now that it's organized I need to make it pretty!  I plan to get baskets to organize the toilet paper and other toiletries.  I also plan to paint the inside of the closet a bright fun color like a nice sea glass blue (no VOC paint of course). 

Creamy Cucumber Olympic

The Container Store


Michelle said...

This is so on my need to do list- it came out great and I am sure it is helpful! I am visiting from Sew Chatty and I am a new follower!
I hope you are having a great day!

Quarter-lifer said...

$20 if you come reorganize our closets!! Did I mention that we will apy $20 PER CLOSET!?!??!

imklvr said...

OK, OK, OK...WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! What was that BRILLIANT idea that you sort of slid right over?? Something about putting your SHEETS inside your PILLOW CASES to keep them together?? Girl, that's an absolutely AMAZING idea!!! Thank you so much!

HI THERE! said...

Great job! That is one organized closet! I do the sheets inside the pillow cases too - so much better! I think your color choice and those baskets would be so pretty together. Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark!
P.S. Everytime I stop by your blog I think how much I love your little owl logo - so cute!

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