Monday, October 31, 2011

Color DRA-MAAA...the saga continues

O color, color, color how I love you ....but how you drive me insane and keep me up late at night.  You my dear friend are the very reason why I have a stack of paint chips 5 inches high sitting on my desk and  a folder full of pictures decided especially to you. 

Still having issues with that dresser turned side board, you ask? Yes, o yes this color drama is directly related to the recent post on my Dresser Color Dilemma

For those of you that gave your opinion thanks a bunch!

The totals stand at:
 Yellow = 11
Turquoise = 3
Green = 0

and a couple just couldn't decide (I am so with you!)

All week I had yellow paint chips on the dresser and I was smitten. 


So today I went off to Lowe's ready to get my paint.  I had a page torn out of Better Homes and Gardens with a yellow with a hint of orange ( I did not want it to look like a nursery in my dining room).
Since the paint chip that was suppose to match this magazine totally DID NOT!

It was like this  

this color doesn't look quite so orange in person



I had to get it color matched.  Love the wonderful Lowe's guy he worked hard to get it right...but I came home with something that ended up looking a lot like

has a bit more yellow in it in person

Truly I think he got the paint match pretty close and I just did not notice how much orange was really in it.

So here I sit annoyed with my Color DRA-MAAA (name that show) staring at the 20 new paint chips I picked up at Lowe's.  Contemplating my dresser color yet again....

By the end of next weekend I.will.have.that.dresser.painted.darnit.  It may look a little like this ....


Or maybe not ;)....maybe it will be this fabulous new color that is staring lovingly up at me from the paints chips spread out on the floor begging to used!

Stay tuned for the final chapter in The Color Saga...

Do you have a paint match horror story? Or just a paint in general horror story? Do you have as many paint chips as I do?


Knit-2-Together said...

I totally feel you! With so many beautiful colors it's sooo hard to choose! Good luck and I can't wait to see the transformation!

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