Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Go Strawless!

I learned about something awesome today on the news! Be Straw Free.Org 
This organization was started by a nine-year-old  boy, Milo, after he learned that more than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in the US a day.  Can you believe that 500 million...crazy! 

On the news Milo stated that most of these straws are not recycled or able to be recycled due to there small size.  Milo's goal is to reduce the amount of straws that are used  everyday.  How stinkin' awesome!  Milo wants restaurants to begin asking consumers if they want a straw or not instead of automatically putting one in every drink. 

I took the pledge to remain strawless for a month.  If fact I plan on now completely eliminating my disposable plastic straw use.  We do not use plastic straws at home and at restaurants I plan on asking "no straw please" (as Milo's website states).

 It's the simple things like this that can truly make a difference and improve our environment! 
So Go Strawless!!


And check out these compostable straws HERE
(* I was not compensated for this just think if your into straws this is a great alternative!)  

Do you love using straws? Will you take the pledge? Or maybe switch to the compostable version?


Stephanie said...

They also sell glass straws! I'd really love one of those...

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