Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coupon Organization

We are currently in the process of organizing and rearranging all of our paper clutter.  Coupons are one of our problems.  We never had a spot to store our coupons.  They would get thrown in a drawer and I would find them months later waaaay past their expiration date.  So as I was hunting feverishly strolling through Target I found this little gem. 

It has six little pockets and a notepad!  I allotted each pocket a category; extra shopper’s cards, food coupons, retail coupons, dog coupons, gift cards and I have one pocket left for future use.  It works great because we don’t accumulate a lot of coupons so it’s just the right size.  I am using the notepad to make my shopping list every week this way I have to look through the coupons. 

And the best part of all

It is a greenroom product.  It is made with recycled content and soy based ink.  I love this line of products from Target and wish I could order them online. Big Sigh. 
So how do you organize your coupons?

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Mindy said...

Love it, I am buying one ASAP!

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