Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreaming of Projects

Who doesn't love Pinterest ....seriously?  I lurve pinterest it feeds my addiction for inspiration....
Lately I've been so busy my National Exam is one week away YIKES....needless to say I haven't had time to work on any projects or crafts. 

But they have been floating through my head so here's some thing I've been dreaming of while trying to study 8)

Making a bracelet out of the vintage watches I have from my Grandma and the Husband's Grandma.

I have plans to do something like this in the bedroom for jewelry storage.


I have been eyeing up some globes at an antique store I can't wait to get some and do this cute!

I have plans to make one of these DIY yarn lights for the bedroom!


We are definitely going to paint our old fridge with chalkboard paint the yellow letter too!
And some fabulous ideas for my future craft space so I can create all these things...


I can't wait to get started on all these projects and share them with you! But for now I'm stuck dreaming.

What about you any good Pinterest projects lately? Any awesome projects completed? Any your just dreaming about?

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Snap said...

All fun ideas, but really like the bracelet from the old watches. Happy Pinning!

iheartsunnydays said...

I'm great at pinning projects, but not so great on actually trying them yet!!

Anonymous said...

I loooove pintrest! My list of things to try is growing so fast! haha

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